Our Statement of Responsible Tourism

New Zealand is known as being clean and green. This is mainly attributable to our low population density resulting in relatively benign environmental pressures.  There is a risk that if we are not vigilant in looking after our environment then this could threaten New Zealand's clean, green image.



  1. We  endeavor to reduce the amount of waste going to landfills by recycling paper, glass, cans, plastics and organic waste.
  2. We refill our water bottles instead of always buying new.  Our tap water is very safe to drink.
  3. We use hose controls when washing the vans to prevent too much run off when water is not required.
  4. We have the vans serviced every 10,000klms to keep them in top running order
  5. We have planted native trees trying to attract our native birds back into the city
  6. We save paper by not printing emails that don't need to be printed
  7. We re-fill ink cartridges instead of always buying new
  8. We use Eco Friendly cleaning products where possible.
  9. We try to buy New Zealand made products where we can