Rotorua Cruise Ship Tours from the Port of Tauranga

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 Cruise Ship day tour Rotorua

For only NZ$180.00 Archer Tours can help with your Rotorua Tour shore excursion when your ship calls at the Port of Tauranga for the day. 

I will donate 5% of this price to the Prostate Cancer Foundation of NZ

Prepare yourself for a 7 hour tour of discovery beginning at the beautiful seaside town of Mount Maunganui, and taking you through to the geothermal and Maori cultural capital of New Zealand – Rotorua, and back again.

My name is Jim Archer and I’ll be your personal guide for the day. As an indigenous New Zealander my Maori heritage extends back over 14 generations, and from that I’ll share stories with you about our culture and history that you can be assured are very genuine. During this journey I am not just there to be your driver, I am also your guide and will talk to you about the meanings of the many carvings you will see, the Maori protocol, history, myths, legends, and beliefs.

Having met you at the Port gates you’ll join a group of no more than 11 people including yourself, and from there we begin our journey.

The drive to Rotorua’s thermal wonderland starts along Mount Maunganui’s picturesque Marine Parade where on one side you’ll see beautiful white sand beaches, and the other an eclectic mix of ‘baches’ and luxurious homes. Having been on board your ship for a bit you’ll be wanting to get some sand between your toes and possibly dip them in the clear blue water of the Pacific Ocean so at this point we’ll stop for a walk on Papamoa Beach.

Driving through to Rotorua you’ll see a combination of farmland, forestry, horticultural holdings, and lakes. Along the way I’ll talk to you about the land, the people, the history, and our unique flora and fauna.

Arriving in Rotorua we disembark at ‘The Lakefront’ for a great photo opportunity followed by a walk through the beautiful and historic Government Gardens.

Rotorua’s Te Puia is our Maori Cultural Centre where you’ll have an opportunity to experience the traditional ‘challenge’, plus see Maori song and dance, and the world renowned and equally fearsome Haka. Protecting our heritage is important for our culture so part of the centre is dedicated to teaching and passing on many of traditional skills of our ancestors, and your tour will include the chance to see some of the students learning to weave and carve just as their forefathers did.

Having experienced our culture it’s now time to venture down to the geothermal valley where the mighty Pohutu Geyser can erupt up to 30 metres in the air, and pathways will safely guide you through an active thermal area with boiling mud pools, steaming geysers, and spectacular colours.

No trip to Rotorua is complete without visiting the Kiwi House to catch a glimpse of our iconic, flightless, and endangered Kiwi bird. You’ll need a little time for your eyes to adjust to the low light of the simulated darkness as this shy bird is also nocturnal so only comes out after dark. Take some time after the viewing to browse through the wonderful gift store for some fabulous momentos of your journey to the Maori Cultural Capital of New Zealand.

Before leaving for Tauranga you’ll have the chance to wander through Rotorua’s city centre or purchase a bite to eat at one of my favourite local cafes. Our return trip will take us a different route so the scenery will again be all new for you. We’ll then spend a little time driving through Tauranga city and then across the harbour where your Rotorua tour concludes at the Port Gates.

As a member of Tourism New Zealand I am bound by a code of conduct that I strive to not just meet, but to exceed in every possible way.

This is a fully guided tour costing NZ$180.00 which includes entry to all included attractions which means you can just sit back, enjoy, and have a fabulous Rotorua experience without worrying about any hidden surprises.

And remember, unless you request otherwise, your group size will never exceed 11 people.


I have been running this tour since 2001 and I know how anxious some people are about getting back to the ship on time. 

Do not worry

I guarantee to get you back well before your All Aboard time