New Zealand Sightseeing Tours & Tailored Small Group Tours

See the Most Spectacular Scenery in the World

Imagine a relaxing, sightseeing tour of the youngest country in the world, at your leisure. Archer Tours can provide you with a tailored, small group tour by telling us where you would like to go and we will put an itinery together with your input. Alternatively, we can provide you with various itineries you can choose from.

We can take you to beautiful white sandy beaches, black volcanic beaches; live volcanic mountains; Lake Taupo - where the largest ever volcanic eruption took place; glaciers; lush, green farmlands; sheep farms; mussel farms; ancient Maori culture and history; geo-thermal regions with boiling mud pools and steaming geysers erupting 30 meters into the air.

You choose where you want to go and we'll take you there. You will be travelling in an eight seater vehicle with two (minimum) to eight seats (maximum).

Relax and enjoy a well planned, relaxing, sightseeing tour of New Zealand. See the parts that you want to see.

For more information or to book a sightseeing or group tour, contact us.